“If you want the best award for Best Parent Ever, make sure to have #BestofLA winner #TheWackoShow at your kid’s Party...”                                                

                                -Los Angeles Magazine

”They make balloons into

a full-blown art”

                                      -Los Angeles Times

You are simply amazing!”

                                      -Baby Face

“Hilarious comedy and Incredible magic”                              -LAWeekly

Winner of: LA’s BEST Los Angeles family show magician Los Angeles Magazine page 76

“Wacko’s performance in his highly creative

magic and illusion show was absolutely the

crowd, (and casts) favorite.”                              

       -Entertainment Operations Manager

         for Disney Motion Pictures

“My child didn’t want to leave your balloon creations.”

                                   -Melanie Brown Spice Girls

“The Wacko Show by Ramon Medellin of Santa Monica

mesmerized the children. He levitates a wood table, pulls

coins out of ears and made everyone laugh...”

                                                     -OC Register